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Release Date:2013/12/27Workplace:Hunan Province Changsha High-tech Development ZoneNumber:Several
      Shahe Fangyuan Casting Co., Ltd. Was built in July a production and export-oriented enterprises,located in west of Nangao Village ,Shi liting Town,Shahe City, Hebei Province. 
     Company covers an area of 13500 square meters . ,building area of 4,500 square metres, production area of 3000 square meters. Fangyuan have 268  employees, Which has 2 senior title of the Hebei University Of Science and Technology Professor. And 12 Casting engineers , 15 technicians, technical personnel more than 130,  we can according to customer drawings and requirements to design and product.
     The company mainly produces equipment of modern cupola 5 tons, 3 tons each one, 2 Electric furnace and 2 blasting machines .Also equipped with a physical laboratory, chemical laboratory, and has a variety of environmental protection, safety, testing facilities. The company has fixed assets of 5000000 yuan, 26000000 yuan of liquidity,   every year producted  15000  tons castings。
          Our company has the independent right to export, main products have manhole cover,  grates, lamp posts,  fountains , highway roadblocks and park facilities. Mainly exported to Spain, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Morocco and other European, Middle East and African countries.